Hi! I'm Ashley Marston

I strive to capture the Love, Light & Connection of your family.
Celebrating not only the monumental moments but also the quiet moments that might otherwise go unseen.

I want to capture what you love most.

Birth, Lifestyle & Documentary photographer & Filmmaker

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Birth, Lifestyle, Documentary Photography & Films

Birth, Lifestyle, Documentary Photography & Films

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Ashley Marston is magic. Her talents are unmatched. Every session we have with her builds upon the one before in a seamless storytelling thread weaving it’s way through our lives. She’s been there to capture our babies’ first breaths, tiny steps, breastfeeding moments and all the joy and connection and love shared between us and all of our kiddos (and grandkids!) big and little. She moves like a ninja behind the scenes and quietly captures unique personalities and distills the essence of a million little moments into something tangible. Ashley feels like a part of our family. Our kiddos adore her and can’t wait to see her every year on their birthday week. She is no ordinary photographer. She’s an exceptional artist. She’s the toddler whisperer. Somehow making something beautiful and lasting out of chaos and always pushing herself to find something new and fresh. Her work is art. Gorgeous captures that make you feel something incredible and are worthy of display. Ashley turns an earthy desolate winter landscape into a golden, beautiful wonderland. As a family we love to sit in our pjs sipping coffee and exploring our photo galleries. In every image there are always layers, tones, textures, expressions, and meaningful connections to discover. Ashley had canvases made for us as a part of our last session and we will definitely do that again moving forward. Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives Ashley. We love you ❤️

Kyla Pronk

Ashley entered our family as a photographer and left as family. We have had the pleasure of her documenting our family and the entry of both of our boys earthside. She made every moment so welcoming and something we will cherish forever.

The Mickleborough Family

Ashley’s documentary style photos and videos are worth everything and more.

Ashley has been our sole family storyteller thru photos and video memories since our family first started to grow.

She was there to capture the birth of our first baby and all the moments after that, the elopement, saying goodbye to a fury Family member, sailing adventures, the excitement of a new baby, and birthing that baby. She captures all the memories and feelings in her photos. She somehow gets the best phots of our two feral kids, and the tender moments even when the session isnt going as planned due to maybe the missed nap.

Book the session and you wont regret it.

Allison Paul

I had been following Ashley on Instagram and admiring her photos for several years. I dreamed of her taking photos of my family one day and when we finally relocated back to Vancouver Island this past year I was finally able to make that dream come true. Ashley came to our home this summer and took the most beautiful and natural photos of my family. I feel that she really captured everyone exactly the way they are. Not only is she wildly talented with her camera but she puts everyone at ease as she is so down to earth and easy to be around, not to mention fun (I think my oldest son thought he found a new best friend)! Following Ashley on Instagram also inspired me to pick up my DSLR camera again and take her 365 course. I learned so much from it and am now documenting the beauty in my family’s day to day life. Thank you Ashley!

Misty and Lyndsay

As far as birth photographers are concerned, Ashley Marston is the best thing that could have happened to us; her gift has beautifully illustrated Addyson’s story and captured moments both intense and calm.

Plain and simple, Ashley is remarkable! With her stealthy presence and incredible eye, she captured one of the most important days of our lives in a beautiful way that we’ll be able to look back on forever. Looking at the images today, I wonder how Ashley managed to get the majority of the photos…She was very discreet and courteous of our space, not interrupting a single second of our experience; however, was able to capture some of the most vulnerable moments in their purest form. Something that I learned about birth photography is that while the skills of the photographer are important, the connection between your family and the photographer is paramount….and Ashley has mastered both of these. Ashley has a true talent and is exceptionally professional! I strongly urge fellow expecting mothers to use Ashley to photograph your birth story or family photos….you won’t regret it.

The MacLeod Family

The history of our extended family as told by Ashley through her stunning photography is now and will be treasured for years to come. She takes the raw materials of self-conscious adults, unruly children, and the occasional unpredictable pet, and performs her perfect alchemy, creating golden moments to last a lifetime. We are grateful to have found her, and we’ll never let her go!


For the past eight years, Ashley has been more than just our family photographer; she's been our storyteller. Her incredible talent transcends the traditional snapshot, capturing the essence and emotion of our family’s journey. From milestones such as the birth of my son to the everyday joys of swimming at the local pool or playing at the beach, her photos are irreplaceable treasures that vividly bring my memories to life.

Ashley's professionalism and ease make every session comfortable and enjoyable, even with the unpredictability of raising two children. The kids look forward to her visits, and we all feel genuinely at ease in her presence.

In a world awash with fleeting moments, Ashley’s photography stands as an enduring testament to the beauty and complexity of family life. If you're seeking not just photos, but timeless memories, Ashley is the artist you’ve been looking for. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


I fell in love with Ashley’s work a couple of years ago after seeing some of her birth photography on Instagram. Her art and her ability to capture stories through photography has brought me to tears many times as I scroll through my feed! I knew I wanted to work with her someday and was so excited when I saw that she offers annual breastfeeding mini sessions. I signed up this year and immediately started planning our trip over from the mainland. It was BEYOND worth it. I can’t even put into words how much I love the photos she made of my babies and me. She was so generous with her time and kind and patient with us, putting us all completely at ease. I love her non-directive approach and I think it’s part of what makes her photos so genuine and real. We had never met her before the shoot, yet she somehow captured us and our relationship perfectly - when I look at the photos I feel like she just “gets” us. Thank you so much, Ashley!